About us

PPD Global SA


Established in 2017, PPD Global SA was initially founded to trade on liquid energy markets and expand banking relationships outside CEE for the PPD Group: the company is now the sole shareholder of all subsidiaries in charge for energy sales, providing market access and centralized financial support.

Commodity trading started in 2018 with focus on hedging operations, while 2019 marked the entry in the oil market and the EUA registry subscription.
Since 2020 PPD Global has developed its own customer portfolio, complementing the group-wide 4+ Bcm of natural gas sales. As of 2022, the company has entered the power market.

Our mission is to establish long term partnerships, offering dedicated service with state of art standards, thanks to our experience and flexible approach.

To do so, PPD Group also owns long term strategic assets such as storage, pipeline and LNG import capacities, managed by a group of committed professionals.

PPD Global is part of the PPD Group, a privately owned corporation with 20 years of history in the logistic, sale and supply of natural gas. Originally active in Croatian distribution and wholesale, PPD now holds a portfolio where long term LNG supply committments finds a sinergy with logistic assets and commercial partnerships with our clients.

Our office is in Lugano, Switzerland, where commodity trading houses and financial partners work together every day. PPD Global is the core of PPD Group, supporting local offices in Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia.


PPD Global provides access to the energy markets for PPD Group and its customers. This is possible because we own the required facilities, and we have a network of strong partners in energy and financial sector.

Our trading floor manages natural gas, power, oil and EUA markets through exchanges and OTC agreements with physical and financial counterparties, with the support of the trade finance and treasury team.

In business we firmly apply our values: be fast and efficient, build trustworthy relations aiming at long term cooperation, making sure every detail has been taken care of.