Port of Rijeka to become the largest intermodal centre in this part of Europe

The bid submitted by the APM Terminals/Enna Logic Consortium guarantees container traffic of one million TEU during the first two years of operation, and 500,000 TEU a year during the next eight years.


Rijeka, May 2021

The APM Terminals/Enna Logic Consortium was the only bidder to submit their bid in the repeated tender for for the granting of a concession for the operation of Zagreb Deep Sea container terminal in the port of Rijeka.

The bid submitted by the APM Terminals/Enna Logic Consortium included guarantees for container traffic of one million TEU during the first two years, and guarantees for container traffic of 500,000 TEU in one year during the next eight years of operation. The concession for the development and economic use of Zagreb Deep Sea container terminal in the port of Rijeka was granted for a period of 50 years.

The fixed concession fee is two million euros per year; the variable fee that depends on the earnings will amount to four, five or six percent of the gross annual income of the terminal.

The building and equipping of the Zagreb Deep Sea container terminal includes the construction of a 400 m long quay wall with access area (to be built by the authorities granting the concession), as well as the construction of an enlarged storage area in the inland part of the terminal, the installation of utilities, construction of port buildings, procurement and installation of equipment (to be done by the concessioner). During the second stage of the project, the concessioner will be required to build a 280-metre long pier with access area with all the equipment and infrastructure. The last stage will include the construction of another 320-metre quay wall with access area with all the necessary equipment and infrastructure. Both will be built by the future concessioner once all requirements under the law have been fulfilled.

Two bids were received at the first international tender for the granting of a concession for Zagreb Deep Sea terminal announced by the Rijeka Port Authority in March 2020. One of the two bids was by the actual bidder, and the other a consortium of bidders including Chinese companies Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited, Tianjin Port Overseas Holding Limited and China Road and Bridge Corporation.

The new Zagreb Deep Sea container terminal will be the largest project built within the renovation of Rijeka Gateway. The terminal is located in the western area of the Rijeka port basin.

APM Terminals, a company owned by A.P. Moller – Maersk, is one of the largest container terminal providers in the world. APM Terminals manages a network of terminals including 75 port facilities in over 40 countries across five continents. Their staff of 22,000 employees provide the highest standard of service, reliability and efficiency for over 60 shipping companies. APM Terminals invests in the development of port facilities, as well as education and training for local human resources, employing over 90% locally recruited staff.

ENNA Logic is one of the companies in Energia Naturalis (ENNA), a group that manages about 20 joint-stock companies owned by the group. The ENNA group covers a remarkable spectrum of business areas, from natural gas trade and supply, to sustainable energy sources, to petroleum product and other trade, and from investment projects to transportation projects. The key to ENNA’s success has been the successful business of PPD Company and PPD Group, a group of companies operating out of Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and conducting business in natural gas trade and supply. Through its PPD Company, the group has partnered with INA, the largest petroleum company in Croatia, to become the majority owner of the only artificial fertilizer plant in Croatia, the Petrokemija in Kutina. ENNA Transport is the first privately owned railway cargo shipper in Croatia, with over a 20 percent share in the Croatian market. The Group is also the majority owner of the Port of Ploče Joint-Stock Company and co-owns the tank terminal in the Port of Ploče with Adriatic Tank Terminals. Energia Naturalis has been one of the fastest growing business companies in Croatia and the region. With its shares in port facilities, railway transportation facilities and storage facilities, Energia Naturalis is a seriously integrated logistic provider unique in the region.

Combining specific advantages of different modes of transportation, ENNA Logic designs creative multimodal and intermodal solutions for the customer. ENNA Logic offers to the client a broad spectrum of multimodal user solutions, from conventional railway to intermodal cargo, from standard loading operations to special transportation units, from excessive weight cargo to cargo of excessive value, from usual size cargo to outstanding size cargo, and from maritime ports to railway terminals. By combining the specific advantages of railway transportation, ENNA Logic has been able to reduce the C02 emissions by as much as 80 percent compared to the standard road transport carbon footprint.

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