Orient Cavalier sails into the port of Ploče as the largest vessel ever to berth in the port

The opening of a new terminal in the Port of Ploče was marked by the arrival of the largest ship that has ever sailed into the port, the Orient Cavalier, a bulk carrier that with a tonnage of 110 813 tonnes, overall length of 255.26 metres and breadth extreme of 43 metre falls into the category of ”baby capesize ships” for bulk cargo.


Ploče, 18 February 2021

With all the technological and environmental requirements fulfilled, the newly built bulk cargo terminal in the Port of Ploče has been approved for operation. The terminal was approved for provisional operation in March 2019.

The opening of a new terminal in the Port of Ploče has been marked by the arrival of the largest ship ever to sail into the port, the Orient Cavalier. With a tonnage of 110,813 tonnes, overall length at 255.26 metres and an extreme breadth at 43 metres, the Orient Cavalier is classified as a ”baby capesize ship” for bulk cargo.

In terms of technology and financial background, the new terminal is certainly one of the most important sub-projects and investments in the 200-million euro project of integration of trade and transportation that was initiated in 2005 in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the World Bank, Ploče Port Authority and Port of Ploče Joint-Stock Company.

The new terminal will bring the bulk cargo capacity to over 6 million tonnes a year. The improved technologies of transshipment, the length of the pier (365m) and the depth of the berth (18m) are all expected to contribute to increased traffic in the bulk cargo segment. This would also improve the positioning of the port in the market which should, together with the highest ecological standards applied in cargo operations, secure a better position for the port in international markets.

The bulk cargo terminal is part of the existing port area.  It is located on the right bank of the canal mouth, and has an area of approximately 240,000 square metres. As the concessioner, and under the agreement witth the Ploče Port Authority, Luka Ploče d.d. company procured the terminal with transshipment and other equipment, investing 40 million euros into the first stage of building the new terminal.

The equipping of the terminal was carried out by CMBM from China under a procurement contract.

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